Oregano Of Unique Quality

Thirty years producing oregano of unique quality!

In oregano Karatzas there is a unique quality of oregano and this is the best quality, since it consists of 70% flower and 30% foliage! Thirty years of experience in the field of cultivation has taught us that a product of lower quality, that is to say thick leaves with small stalks coming out of the sieves, or oregano with an altered color due to rain or dew during harvesting, should preferably be directed at other uses such as distillation for the production of castor oil or feed supplement, and not for edible. This, of course, does not mean that the first quality of our oregano is prohibitive for purchase in terms of its price. Everything else, since our prices are typically low for the quality of the product that comes to you! It is not accidental that many of the most famous food companies, but also smaller ones, trust and prefer over the years the oregano that became synonymous with quality, "Oregano Karatza".