Photographic material from our oregano!

In the following photos we will try to help you understand the way we cultivate and process our product. All the photos come from our estates and the stages that the oregano will pass until it reaches you.

Planting a oregano plant.

Show the first plants

Young plants of oregano

Plants of oregano ready for planting

Planting in one of our estates in May.

Plant oregano two months before bloom

Plantation a few days before flowering

Plantation in full bloom

Oregano in bloom

Sorting oregano

Sorting oregano

Sorting oregano

Αλώνισμα ρίγανης

Αλώνισμα ρίγανης

Αλωνισμένη ρίγανη

Processing our production. (Sander & Sieve)

Staining oregano & extraneous matter

Packaged oregano in sacks suitable for food.