Cultivation stages

Cultivating oregano is not a simple matter for us ...

In order to reach a remarkable end product, some rules must be adhered, with devotion, but also several factors that will make the product stand out. Below are generally the main ones.

  • It all starts with the creation of seedbed and the oregano seed in it. Heat and humidity will soon help to make the first tiny oregano plants.
    After reaching a size of 15-20 cm, they are ready to be transplanted into the field, after all necessary steps have been taken to prepare them for planting.
  • The first year is also the most critical, since planting with minimal losses in oregano plants must be achieved, which depends on the moisture content of the soil for the first few months of the plant, as extreme droughts will reduce the number of plants that will they manage to appear the next Spring.
  • The first production with oregano will be taken from the second year onwards. During the second year, but also for all the rest, it is necessary to fertilize in the field (always in moderation).