Production & processing

In order to achieve a remarkable end product, we pay great attention to the production and processing stages!

  • The new cultivation period begins with the new year where fertilizers and herbicides are being made. In recent years, in our plantings of oregano we choose the least fertilization. The result may be a slight decrease in production but a vertical increase of all the plant's quality characteristics. The herbicide is mainly caused by mechanical means (5 rows of sharpeners and a shredder) both on our certified biological areas and on the conventional ones. The final weed cleaning, shortly before production, is done with laboring hands. So we have even more aromatic oregano and even closer to the native oregano mountain.
  • April and May are critical months for oregano, where heavy rainfall will greatly improve the amount of production.
    So we arrived in July, the month of harvesting and harvesting, the month when the oregano blossoms and after this happens at a rate of 70-80% of the plantation is ready for cutting and drying. Careful attention should be paid to avoiding days of rain or excessive humidity (morning dew) during the cutting and drying of oregano. Potential rainfall or excessive humidity in the early hours of the morning unfortunately leads to oxidation (tanning) of production and virtually total destruction of it ...
  • If everything goes well with all of the above, the processing, "grinding" of production with a specially modified combine harvester begins. The product we get will be oregano almost ready to eat and we almost say, because the product contains many small and large stalks which should be removed.
  • The last stage of the treatment is sifting. The sieving takes on an electric sieve with a lightweight type of grinder, a step in which the oregano is released from stalks and any foreign bodies (soil, small stones, dust, and even metal castings using powerful magnets). Our oregano will pass through this stage at least twice, from triple sieves, to be sure the product that reaches the consumer will stand out from any other. The machines used in Oregano Karatza, fully meet the high quality requirements. That's why our family love for oregano will give you a truly unique product!